22 thoughts on “Flashbacks

    • I must admit, a chunk of the photos are taken by my daughter who must see life through her third eye. It’s a talent that made a wide berth around my genetic makeup. My photos are fairly frank and common. Rock:”click”. Tree:”click”. Flower: “Click”. Hers are all, “Ooh, look at the light!” Adjust, adjust … move a smidge … focus … wait … breathe … “click” … “PERFECT!”
      But yes, this is heaven, no matter whose eyes your viewing it through. 😉

    • Wow, Amy, how kind of you to say. All of the good photos are taken by my daughter, who has one of those alien, invisible third eye peculiarities, and all the rest were taken by the doodle, who has learned how to point and click, or maybe lick and click. The scenery gets a lot of Miracle Grow and is strictly vegetarian. It’s simply a good diet and fresh mountain air.
      Many thanks for reading and your lovely comment. 😉

    • Wish I could take more credit for the good ones. If there are any that have poor lighting, blurry subjects, or are simply off-putting – those are mine. Maybe there’s one in there that wouldn’t make me choke on my cheerios when staking claim to it, but several are the resutls of the well-trained eye of my daughter. I take goofy pictures of my animals, she takes thoughtful ones of subjects that end up in coffee table books. *sigh*

  1. You are a delight! I feel the same way about my photography. I’m a recovering perfectionist, all or nothing kinda gal. Recently taking up photography has made me kinda nuts. I want to crumple all my digital shots up into one huge pixelated ball. However, one shot in about 325 comes out pretty decent. Then I use that as a writing prompt. I have found that I semi-suck at photography, but I can make up a load of hooey about a photo no problemo! Gotta stick w/ what works.

    • What a fabulous idea. I love the image of the huge pixelated ball of digital dross. Think of the possibilities for writing a load of hooey for that guy. I bet it’d be extraordinary. And hilarious. Let me know when/if you write it. I’ll be in line to read!

  2. I’m so grateful you weren’t stingy with the pics. Heaven’s kiss. Heaven’s hug. You live in it. I got to see it. If I feel as I do right now, with only a brief glimpse…you…ARE… blessed.

    Deep thanks for this.

    • What lovely things to say! And yes, I do feel truly blessed with all the lovely things to look at. But I’m also aware that there are a million places where this beauty or another of its kind exists. I hope to see as much of it as possible. And of course, hope to share it with others. 😉

    • Thanks, Cinda. The hint of Britain bit is extraordinarily accurate. I think it’s one of the reasons I love this part of Virginia, as it reminds me so much of the parts of Scotland I adore. Here’s to majestic mountains!

    • Your praise is too kind, Deb. I wish I could say my artistic talent is limited by my equipment, but it’s the equipment that brings my neophytic skills to a level I feel is at least worth sharing with a few folks who applaud my enthusiasm. Many thanks regardless. Much appreciated. Cheers!

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