Itty Bitty One Bite S’mores

I’m finished. I cannot look at another recipe about S’mores. I am purely up to my earballs in all things marshmallow, graham cracker and chocolate related.

But I did it for you.

Okay, and maybe because I had a blog recipe deadline looming, but it was one of the last things on my Summer Bucket List that had to be done or else the gods of Smoredom would likely hunt me down and refuse me access through the portal of autumn. And staying immersed in the fiery flames of Hades (aka a Virginia summer) is almost as much fun as having my new crown put on without any Novocain. No one even asked me if I had my big girl panties on that morning—they just marched on in with the ear-shredding drills. I digress.


As it is, everyone’s recipe resourcefulness has finally caught up with me. I’m plagued in my sleep. My pillow is a marshmallow. The blankets are too heavy and thick for the heat of August nights and create the sensation of being drowned in liquid chocolate. And the graham cracker crumbs I’m tossing in beneath me are … wait, yeah, sorry, those are actually graham cracker crumbs from eating graham crackers in bed. My fault.

English: Juliette Gordon Low Category:Girl Sco...

English: Juliette Gordon Low Category:Girl Scouts of the USA images (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back to savvy cooks. If you think the rules have been bent just a little you’d be sorely wrong. It seems the whole world got up one morning and took turns putting on Ferran Adria’s pants and toque. Just walk up to any elderly woman who viewed the 1927 Girl Scouts handbook, Tramping and Trailing With the Girl Scouts, as something nearly as sacred as her bible and watch her eyes roll to the back of her head when you ask her opinion on the state of s’mores today. Sacrilege.

You can make Coffee S’mores Pie, or Chocolate and Peanut Butter S’mores. What about Waffle Sandwich S’mores? You could throw in some spice and smush everything between chocolate dipped gingersnap cookies (click here), or stick with the ginger theme and make the funkiest sandwich ever with a Gingerbread Blondie S’mores Panini.

Since I’ve taste-tested most of these during the week and can now pass as a building with feet, my contribution is purposefully tiny. They’re little squares of chocolate covered graham crackers with a miniature marshmallow pillowed between them. I’m calling them Itty Bitty One Bite Smores, which will sadly make you want … some more.

Sorry, but I had to do it.

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