Pie in the Sky

Deutsch: Traditioneller Pizza-Ofen mit Holzbef...

My next oven!

Let’s face it, pizza is ancient history. And by that I mean it’s been around forever.

Whether born of the Middle East, the Mediterranean, or some guy named Bob, most folks would gladly bow on bended knee to show deference and gratitude to the first guy to stretch some dough and pop a few edibles on top of it.

Pizza Nite, in our house, is a regular occurrence. Usually Friday evening–the one thing that pulls us all through the toughest day of our week.

Now I’m not saying somebody picks up the phone and dials one of the local chain pie shops.  That’s not our kind of thing.

Instead, we try one of a million ways to make a memorable meal. Find a base–an edible plate or trencher as Virgil called it–and line up a variety of hedonistic toppings. Quickly blister your creation in a searing oven, and VIOLA! … Celestial City.

When we’re serious about our pie, we make dough. There’s nothing better. Nothing.

This month’s Bon Appétit shows exactly what we did tonight. It’s a minimal amount of effort for a massive amount of smiles. That’s amore.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now don’t forget to head on over to the main post (here) to see what I’m bletherin’ on about this week. And check out what we’re talkin’ bout down at the pub (here) too!


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