I love whisky–and not just drinking it. I love the country it came from, the craftsmanship necessary to make it and the fact that it can’t be rushed. Whisky has a very zen quality about it. Even the barrels are Buddha-shaped.  

I’ve spent the last twenty years learning just how little I know about it’s technology and production, but it seems those years have flown by as the learning curve grows fairly foggy after the first few minutes of  “tasting” school.

My aim here is to simply encourage others to give it a try. It’s not for everyone, and for that I’m glad. Production is low and the prices lofty, therefore it’s really in my best interest to keep my infatuation more on the quiet side. Except that I love to share. It certainly doesn’t help me keep my tally of around 150 single malts full for long, but as I’ve hear quoted, “Life is short. You spend a long time dead.”

I can’t take them with me, so grab a glass and have a sip. You might like what you find. In time, you might love it.


12 thoughts on “Whisky-Wise

  1. I can see that the Whisky collection has gotten a little larger!!! I have become more of a whisky drinker than a beer drinker since my little girl was born. Macallan 12 is a safe choice.

  2. I’m impressed to see that the Laphroaig is on the top shelf…which is exactly where it belongs. 🙂 A fine, fine drop…and my favourite.

  3. Walk into a distillery… and… one quickly takes in a fragrance that is hard to describe… ambrosia… no wonder the angels take a share.

    • I do indeed! I’ve got a beautiful bottle of 17 yr old Auchentoshan 1989 Single Cask. Love the delicate perfume, the slight nuttiness, the smooth texture. It’s a knockout of a dram. You sound like a loyal fan. Nice to meet a fellow bon vivant!

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