Masterpieces from the remnants of Master Distillers

I love art. I love whisky. I love writing.

Who would believe one man could combine my favorite things into something that can fit into the palm of my hand?

In fact, that’s exactly where it belongs.

Michael Bidny, owner and clever craftsman of Bespoke Pens, is an artist who makes a living carving exquisite writing utensils from used whisk(e)y barrels (among other winsome woods).
English: Side panel of whisky barrel with some...

He sells them to folks who want more than the finished product from Laphroig, Glenfiddich, or Jack Daniels; they want a piece of history, something more permanent than Scotland or Tennessee in liquid form.

In my opinion, owning one of Michael’s pens is almost like having the opportunity to shake hands with a parent of Itzhak Perlman, or Babe Ruth, or Woody Allen; you can say thank you to those who helped form and mature their offspring, contributing to the immeasurable amounts of delight you’ve been privileged to enjoy.

And it’s clear that Mr. Bidny understands not only how to create something beautiful, but that from his art new beauty will grow.
The Essential Elvis Presley
Painters need alluring colors to captivate the eye, violinists need finely tuned strings to entice the ear, and you can bet Elvis had a super special comb to get his hair to form just so.
Sometimes, it all comes down to the artists’ instruments.

Stumbling across this gentleman’s web site has allowed me the opportunity to further entwine the two things that start and cap off a perfect day for me. Wake up and write, then seal the day’s work with a dram of congratulations. Holding one of Michael’s pens means I’m bridging the gap between one and tother, and I find that a little romantic.

Support the arts. Mosey on over and see what you think. (Bespoke Pens)

It might be something to write home about.

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5 thoughts on “Masterpieces from the remnants of Master Distillers

    • I totally agree, Melissa. I adore these pens–and lucky for me, one of my family members thought it a perfect gift for one of my birthdays. Now I only use it for truly worthy events–like signing royalty checks or purchases of world-class whisky. (I don’t use it nearly as often as I’d like and one day intend to. 😛 )

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