Singing the praises of whisky. Drinking songs.

Cheers Sign

Cheers Sign (Photo credit: Photomatt28)

There are plenty of drinking songs one learns (or hears strains of) while growing up—the pub sing-along, the frat boy lawn parties, the guy in the back of a squad car filmed singing the entire five minutes and twenty-five seconds of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, word for word and broadcasted for the world to admire on YouTube.

But there are plenty of others—in genres that are both typical and surprising. I culled through song after song (slogged in some cases), filtering and compiling a list of tunes I felt worthy of bringing to your attention. Some have videos, some are simply song, but all may be worthy of a dram for companionship—some may necessitate more than one.

Whiskey In The Jar (three very different versions)

English: Jim Morrison, Click on it for a good ...

The Pogues

The Dubliners

Thin Lizzy

Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)The Doors  (A fine mix of German opera and circus. But you decide for yourself.)

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One BeerJohn Lee Hooker, 1966 (Blues of the deep south. This one needs something smoky.)

Whiskey RiverWillie Nelson, LIVE 1974 (You’re gonna need to dance in the kitchen for this one.)

WhiskeyBrant Croucher  (Pretty good if you’re throwing a barn dance.)

John BarleycornTraffic 1968 (Good for those reminding themselves of the year they lived in a traveling van.)

Whiskey Lullabye —Brad Paisley (Warning: this one is for those wishing to cry in their beer with a whisky chaser.)

Take Your Whiskey Home Van Halen (I wish the whole song was just like the first 45 seconds.)

CFD O9 - Rodney Atkins 0008

CFD O9 – Rodney Atkins 0008 (Photo credit: synergyst44)

Whiskey and You – Tim McGraw or Chris Stapleton (Stapleton is the composer of the song, and according to many, the better choice to sing it. You decide for yourself.)

Wasted Whiskey  – Rodney Atkins (words to live by)

Whiskey or God – Dale Watson (old school country)

Tennessee Whiskey –  George Jones (Even older. Historic. Antique. Cobwebbed and archived.)

Streams of WhiskeyThe Pogues  Love these guys.

Well Whiskey – Bright Eyes (American Indie rock)

American bluegrass group, Punch Brothers

American bluegrass group, Punch Brothers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rye Whiskey – Punch Brothers (Progressive bluegrass. Oh, yeah.)

Sue Jack DanielsReverend Horton Heat (Texas-based psychobilly trio. I swear I didn’t make that tagline up. That’s how they describe themselves.)

The Whisky Song — John Paterson (Scottish drinking music video.) A lDon’t forget to check out what I blethered on about this week on the main post page (<strong><a href=””>here</a></strong&gt;) and find out what’s cookin’ in the scullery too (<strong><a href=””>here</a></strong&gt;)!ovely audio version here. A fine fiddle.

Although this one suggests it’s a song taught at secondary schools, its name might raise a few eyebrows if parents were to discover it on the program at the school sing along. Farewell to Whisky. (click here

Whiskey Whiskey WhiskeyJohn Mayer at the Hotel Cafe, L.A. (live video)   (this one is simply clear audio) 

The Scottsman —  Bryan Bowers  (I saved the best for last)


Don’t forget to check out what I blethered on about this week on the main post page (here) and find out what’s cookin’ in the scullery too (here)!


6 thoughts on “Singing the praises of whisky. Drinking songs.

  1. Great list. Oddly enough, “Whiskey in the Jar – O” is my hubby’s and I’s song. His last name is (Captain) Farrell and my name rhymes with Molly. Too easy.

    • What a giggle, Ilex. The playlist might be a good one to blare out into the backyard as you’re taming the land. Keeps you motivated and moving.
      Here’s to like-minded musical appetites! 😉

  2. must be where my mined tunnullz … i know/heard of most those songs. we mentioned GymMorrizun B-4, and a hockey mate of mine is a RevHHeat type banned: i’ll hafta check if he does “sue jack daniels” ~ !

  3. Hello Shelly, that is a nice list with whisky songs. I’m very curious how you would comment my latest whisky song.
    It’s called: Whisky all evening, whisky all night. My band is called Whisky Friends.
    You can find the song at Spotify, iTunes, Amazon or watch Youtube:

    Enjoy! Greetz from Holland, the Whisky friends.

    • Totally charming, Richie. Love the song and definitely the topic. Your gang looks to be one who are friends for life. Can’t ask for much more than that–except a decent dram to share with them.

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