What to wear for Burns’ Night; getting your plaid to work for you.

Tis the time to dig out the plaid!

With folks around the world preparing their poetry, sharpening their dirks and hunting the haggis, you’d best get on the ball and get your kilt cleaned. Robert Burns’ Night is just around the corner. (January 25th)

If you’ve grown a few inches width-wise, or found the family colors have been reassigned to other duties in the rag bin, now might be the time to do some shopping for that brand new beauty.

First, you must ask yourself how it is you’d like to be interpreted. Many might believe that “a kilt is a kilt is a kilt.” But I say, put those preconceived notions to rest and embrace your authentic self with a plaid expression of who you really are.

Below are just a few examples to choose from when planning for the big day.

Number 7 Kilt4_1 (230x412)

4_1 (240x396)

Kilt Style number 3 (second version) (552x800)

Morewhisky (360x392)

Whatever you decide to wear and from wherever you raise your glass, you’ll be in good company from sea to shining sea. Here’s to poetry, fine friends and whisky!

The cartoons above are the clever scratchings of Robin Gott, Englishman extraordinaire. Currently residing in Malmo, Sweden, Robin met my husband in primary school (City of London), where he whiled away tuition hours drawing caricatures of teachers. He then entered art school and drew himself a fine arts degree, and forged ahead with pen in hand to conquer film and TV animation. He prefers his tipples poured from the bottles of either Lagavulin’s or Macallan’s distilleries and will shortly have a web site available for your perusal. Rest assured–when I get the link, you’ll get the link.

I am incredibly grateful to know such a talent, and delighted that Robin allows me to share his work with you.


Don’t forget to check out what I blethered on about this week on the main post page (and see one more of Robin’s cartoons!) (here) and find out what’s cookin’ in the scullery too (here)!


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