Whisky: both liquor and delouser

Plunge dipping sheep

Not many of us would willingly drink something that’s typically used to remove parasites from farm animals.

Not many of us would think to name a beverage we want to sell to the public something that is typically used to remove parasites from farm animals. And yet, someone has, and I’ve taken the bit. Or taken the sip.

Sheep dip, a barreled liquid fungicide and insecticide used by farmers for generations, is also a brand of vatted malt whisky created by a small independent producer called Spencerfield Spirit.

As the story goes, in the bootlegging days of distillation, one had to come up with fairly clever ways to outfox the excise men and keep one’s hard earned dosh from going toward the malt tax. Where to hide the illicit spirit? Someplace common and ordinary—the sheep dip barrels (emptied of its prior inhabitant, of course).

Looks like an angry dog with horns.

Created from a blend of sixteen single malts, Sheep Dip Whisky is no mere gimmick. It shows depth and maturity. The sense of humor is an added bonus. And to top it all off, it’s affordable.

Making a nice change as a gift to a friend, or an addition to your collection, I find Sheep Dip a surprise I’d not be adverse to running into now and again.

Nose—oranges, almonds, hints of sherry and malt.

Taste—honeyed, fruity, a little sea salt.

Finish—hint of smoke and floral notes.

The company also makes a 5 year old blend (made with grain) called Pig’s Nose and a higher end vatted whisky called Old Hebridian Sheep Dip—a blend of three single malts. Both come recommended as worthy of trying.


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6 thoughts on “Whisky: both liquor and delouser

  1. i have been on a futile quest, lookin’ for many of your (w)reckomendayshunz in the local emporiums — Maybe, just maybe they have this! (will check later this week)

    • Bummer about the lack of inventory, Jay. I wonder if your local would consider making a special order for you now and again? If you’re a loyal customer it might be worth asking. Otherwise, I can recommend a very fine distributor who ships (obviously, you’d have to check your state licensing law regarding shipping) across the continent and has an impressive array on offer.
      Fingers crossed the first one works out. Doesn’t hurt to ask.

    • So glad you enjoyed it, Greg. I’m fairly sure that Sheep’s Dip is one of the ONLY blends I actually have in my cellar. I bought it purely for the sheer delight of the story and it’s label. The fact that it wasn’t half bad was a total bonus.
      Can you get whisky shipped from out of state to Hawaii?

      • Shelley, yes someone will ship anything to Hawaii it seems, but the catch is that it’s super $$$. Here’s an example, yesterday I went to K-Mart for some tea I like. I noticed that regular old paper notebooks, with three sections, were going for $8.50. Seem a little crazzzzyyy? The cost of paradisio I guess.
        So funny you actually have “Sheep Dip” in the cellar. BTW … taking on the obesity problem in the U.S. is a necessary task. I hope the book goes viral.

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