World Whisky Day!

The Wizard of Oz as pictured in The Wonderful ...

I am a rule follower by nature.

If it’s written down someplace, then obviously someone with a level of authority that rivals the great and powerful Wizard of Oz must have given consent and thus decreed the new law sound.

And yet, when it comes to national, world, or cultural holidays, I’ve often done a double take at the highlighted piffle etched into the square of space that marks the forthcoming day.

Sure, we’re all pretty used to Easter and Passover, Independence Day and Halloween, but I find myself mentally running through the end-of-a-busy-day scenario when some clerk slips a few sheets beneath the, “this needs your signature” pen of someone in an elected office and has surreptitiously signed into government regulation …

Burning Snowman - Jujhar Pannu 2009

Burning Snowman – Jujhar Pannu 2009 (Photo credit: jujhar.pannu)

Snowman Burning Day (March 20th).

Or Bunsen Burner Day (March 31st).

Or Cellophane Tape Day (May 27th).


Okay, I can understand how folks, swept up in a good cause and working to make the world a better place by bringing about awareness and action, will contact their congressman or even their city councilman or mayor and urge these legislators to make a municipal declaration. Clean up Main Street Day, or Grab a Rake and Get to the Park! can and should deserve some yearly attention.

Português: Funeral do papa João Paulo II.

But I’m not as confident thatTake your Webmaster To Lunch Day (July 6th), Answer Your Cat’s Question Day (Jan. 22nd) or Create A Great Funeral Day (Oct. 30th) are worthy of the cost of the ink to sign them into legislation.

Now, on the other hand, will raise a glass to World Whisky Day. Literally.

Debating chamber in Scottish Parliament building

The Scottish Parliament has recognized Tuesday, March 27, 2012 as the day the world (but perhaps not on cue) will choose a dram and sip their tipple in honor of all the fine spirits made globally.

It’s probably nothing I’ll create a YouTube video about or set up an Internet petition, and I doubt Hallmark will set up a section in the drugstore for a new card display, but I might take my favorite pen and decorate that empty square of space on my calendar with a miniature copper still.


Chances are, I’ll not need a reminder, like the one I see printed in the following box, March 28thWeed Appreciation Day.

So tell me, what’s in your glass to mark the special day?


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3 thoughts on “World Whisky Day!

  1. March 27?? last 3/27 wuzza furr-eye day, i had planned to “get lost” (wander without aim in a wildernessy area). sad to say, i brought a flask of RUM but not whiskey. i also had enough cigars so that if i ran into the hitherto-undiscovered-tribe, i could give many of them a stogie.
    but now that you’ve informed me (and “us”) — well, i’m sure you and i both have continued the celebration …

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