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This week is the grand unveiling of the crackerjack cartoon collection of Peak Perspective’s illustrator extraordinaire—Robin Gott. We’ve been ballyhooing this exciting event for ten months, and have decided that for this first year Rob will create and put FIFTY calendars up for sale. The cost is approximately $22.95 for the U.S. (this will include shipping and handling—because Rob’s hands are all over these pieces, and typically it’s extra for ink-stained fingerprints, but not this time).

We say approximately because Rob is still wrestling with a batch of Christmas carrier pigeons he’s been training for that “special delivery” touch. If the polar vortex continues to muck about, and Sweden remains as frigid as it is, a few pigeons may be sacrificed for sustenance. Therefore, he will have to rely upon traditional mail services. Other Earthly locations are still being calculated as well, and we may have an order from the ISS which we’re fairly certain the pigeons will not be able to manage. We’ll figure it out.

The calendars will be offered on a first-come-first serve basis, and we expect to sell out rather quickly as Rob’s great Aunt Marge has decided she and the twenty some women in her quilting bee will be buying them and using each month as pattern work. They are creating a ginormous bedspread for the newest infant arrival to Windsor castle. Therefore, just to add a little spice into this ballgame, we’ll add a zippy quick Peak Perspective Quiz.

If you answer all three quiz questions correctly, you are in line for the calendar. Answer two, we’ll likely make an exception, but perhaps grumble about the lack of fan loyalty and dedication to retaining pointless trivia, etc. If you’re down to just one, we’re going to assume you belong to Marge’s quilting corner and are basically hoping to get in good with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and care very little for high quality cartoons.

Understand this is a necessary step to filter through the riff raff. No offense, Aunt Marge.

*As a bonus, because we love you, everyone who purchases a calendar will have their name thrown into a hat and we’ll draw out one. The lucky winner gets their calendar as our gift. That’s right—for free. (The deadline for entering the drawing is December 12.)

Below you’ll see the ten winners for each month (November has yet to be voted for and December will be ‘Artist’s choice’). But in fact, we’ve decided to go with a collage of your favorites so that you’ll never tire of seeing the same pen strokes for four weeks at a time.

You’re welcome.

Peak Perspective Quiz Questions:

1.)  What are the names of Shelley’s woolly mammoth sheep?

2.)  What country was Rob born in, and which one does he live in now?

3.)  What was this summer’s five-part blog extravaganza about?

a- attempting to make clouds pee inside Plexiglas

b- science smacking nose first into Hickville

c- evidence that Google Earth should not be a parent’s first choice of spyware for their teens

d- all of the above

Tie Breaking Quiz Question:

How many bottles of whisky does Shelley have?

January Winner


Leeky Nose


February Winner

I Told You So

March Winner


April Winner

Pepe Le Sprout

May Winner


June Winner


July Winner

Natural Colors

August Winner


September Winner


October Winner

The Gods

Now for the logistics. To be a contending calendar customer, send your answers for the above quiz questions to And if you’re one of the first 50 (and have any inkling about the content of this humor blog), you’ll be directed to our PayPal site to finish giving us your details.

We hope you might enjoy having Rob’s handiwork light up your walls and a few faces in your homes. Good luck and have fun!

~Shelley & Rob

Don’t forget to check out what we’re cookin’ in the Scullery and what we all talked about down in the pub. Plus, you can see more of Robin Gott‘s humor–all from the only pen carved from a human funny bone.

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36 thoughts on “GOTTA HAVE A GOTT!

  1. Audience participation ! No one said anything about audience participation. And what’s the deal on that quiz. Everyone knows I have no short term memory left. But I took your quiz, because I so want an original Gott. But your Here thing doesn’t work. I would love to buy one but as I said I can’t figure out how to do it. Of course I’m not sure I want to go too far into your “process”. I’m afraid I will slide down the rabbit hole, slide onto the bridge of “What the hell am I doing” fall into the river of” I told you so” and have to climb the tree of “Ain’t you a putz” just to escape. And then when all is said and done my laptop will fling a pineapple and bleu cheese pie right smack dab right into my face. I know it’s my computer but these folks be tricky. Never underestimate the power of a Gott. So Shelly what do I have to do to get a calender around here? If you let me buy one I promise not to tell anyone about that case of 2 Gingers you have hidden out in the garage under all those Barry Manlow concert posters.Deal?

    • I’m going to guess you were the guy who stayed in the kitchen to do all the dishes while the rest of the family went to play charades after the big holiday meal, right, Benson? C’mon! You can do this.
      It’s super easy. And since your link didn’t work, I went back and updated the post with an email address. Thanks for the heads up.
      In truth, I think your idea of what’s about to happen sounds a helluva lot more fun than what you’ll actually find. Pineapple and blue cheese pie is something I could go for a slice of right about now.
      So, even if you only take a stab at ONE of the questions, Benson. I’ll vouch for you. You’re in line. I promise. Sending the email to Rob puts you at the top. (right after Aunt Marge)
      No worries because it … Looks Like You Made It 😛

      • I already took the test but with no place to send it I knew not what to do. I’m going directly to that email. USD I assume and actually I was the one that took the last bottle of wine and hid on the back porch. Never liked charades. Thanks

  2. I wish you the best of luck with your project. I haven’t been back blogging long enough to play your game, making me the riff-raft — just kidding—and I’m too broke to buy anything. I need to be SELLING, but isn’t that the way the ball bounces for most of us? Back when I was trying to reel in customers to draw house plans for, I’d designed and drawn up plans for about twenty houses. I choose my twelve favorites, and put together handmade calendars on ^50# card-stock, printed in the comfort of my own home, then I hand bound each calendar. It probably cost me $35.00 per calendar in setup and assembly time, excluding the time it took to draw the home plans themselves, if I figured my time at $20.00/hour.

    • Ooh, house designs, how cozy. It’s a lovely idea for folks who are saving up money to start building, and what a novel way to increase their enthusiasm and likely keep up their monthly willpower to budget by having something on their wall to daydream about and plan for? But yes, it does sound an incredibly involved process. It often ends up that we give away our work for free.
      And we’d never consider you riff-raff. That’s us just taking a gentle poke at some of our long time friends.
      Fingers crossed your end of things finds some solid success!

      • Thank you for your encouragement. I really do wish you the greatest success, but I seriously doubt most people, if they’ve not taken on such a venture themselves, will realize just how much work is involved in putting together ‘handmade’ calendars such as yours. I hope you sell them all, and turn a profit. Good luck.

    • What a hoot, Ardys!
      Short version explanation: Rob is making a calendar (12 months) of the cartoons that received the most votes at the end of each month. The pictures I showed were all the monthly winners up thru October. If anyone wants to purchase one of his calendars, you need just send him an email. That’s the deal. Super simple. 🙂

      Regardless, I’m so glad you’ve returned safely will all the bits you left with (and I’m assuming a few more!) Can’t wait to see all the photos. Have a Happy turkey day!

  3. If I write the answers in a certain way they almost make a weird sense of their own – Toot Rain Puddles in England ! I’m afraid I don’t have any dollars but I hope you get lots of orders and have to go into a serious reprint situation, I should include Mr & Mrs God at least twice or invent an extra month so they can encore! How do you vote for November? 🙂

    • What a giggle, Jane!
      And Rob’s planning to send the calendars to whichever country necessary. He’d only just figured out the “American” cost so that folks would have a general sense of it elsewhere. Euros will be sorted out shortly.
      And the voting for November happens next week. It’s always at the bottom of the post on the last week of the month. This is our first year trying it out. We’ll work out the bugs eventually. If you’re interested, just send Rob and email ( and he’ll get back to you on a price.

    • Definitely NOT! Of course anyone interested is included. I promise, Laura. 🙂
      Just send Rob and email ( and he’ll sort out the cost for the UK and get back to you.
      If your email doesn’t go through, or bounces back, it may mean that he’s been inundated with requests and his inbox is temporarily full. But I promise, we’ll make sure you get on the list.

  4. Shelley,

    I too attempted the quiz, it was denied and wouldn’t send. I’d answer the questions here but that would spoil the game. Perhaps there is a Oz behind the curtain that filters out the lame.

    Regardless, I know all the answers but will still purchase, (in time) a calendar. Rob, you have a gift that matches Shelley’s prose. I adore your drawings. Again, you both should be published in the New Yorker.

    Best to you all,


    • No worries, buddy. We’ve got you on the list. Chances are, Rob’s email box is full and the gods of the internet are choking with overflow.
      You always say such incredibly kind and complimentary things about our posts. Many, many thanks for all of that. ❤
      Hope you're sharpening all your kitchen knives. Tureky Day's a'comin!

  5. I am so glad i read all the post plus comments before i started writing, so pleased that Benedict Cucumberpatch has made the final cut! I would love to be on the list but my short term memory thingy isnt working due to some sort of drink consumption ( dont quite understand what happened) lol. Any way best of luck to Rob for his fantastic work as always a riotous read Shelley, i bet you have to increase printing 50 surely will not be enough!

    • This must be what I’m suffering from too, Janice. Drink consumption equates with brain cell casualties. And here I thought a glass of red wine a few times a week was what my doctor ordered. I should take notes on my next visit. If I can remember when it is …
      Many thanks for your lovely words of confidence too. It’s such a lovely thing to hear that folks enjoy what we’re doing. Cheers!

  6. Ha! Great choices thus far on the calendar! Go Mr G! The royal baby will be well pleased with their gift. You two crack me up. I live in a different hemisphere so not sure if one ‘down under’ is able to enter. (Plus, I think I may be a bit late.) Never mind, I can live vicariously though the joy of those lucky winners. 😁

    • Anyone trying to humorously keep track of their days events are more than welcome, Cheergerm. And if you do decide you’d like a calendar, Rob will figure out the cost quote so you can see if it fits with the family budget. No worries.
      Still thinking about that honeycomb ice cream. Ugh.

    • Alys, you know how some people have a way of lighting up a room when they walk into it? There must be an equivalent for reading someone’s written words. You take that prize. I hope it never gets old hearing people say lovely things about you. You’ve got a special knack.

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